Frog Costume are back after the release of their debut EP in the latter half of 2018, with melancholic track A Daydream. With Scottish artist Josephine Sillars lending vocals to this song, adding a second layer of emotion, there is much to get from this daydream. Frog Costume, otherwise known as Cameron Gibb and Martin MacDonald spoke with The Fountain about the new track and moving from Aberdeen to Glasgow.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what as the reception been like to the track?

It’s been really great! People are making the effort to say they are enjoying it which we just love to hear, including some people who we maybe wouldn’t have expected to be interested in this kind of music. The last EP Empty Vessel was our first full band, professionally recorded release and as such sounds a bit different but we’re hoping people who hear this song first will be able to enjoy our back catalogue as the same emotional vibes and themes are always there. We have a radio play this coming week on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal, on their show called Rapal. It’ll be our first ever play on a BBC station which is very exciting. We’ll be promoting this track for a little while as it’ll be another few months before we get the next one out. 

TF: You’ve titled it A Daydream, what are you dreaming about?

We wrote the song as a hypothetical conversation between two people in a bad relationship. Each one is daydreaming about not being with the other. They’re not speaking directly to each other, but rather they are thinking thoughts which we are hearing but neither of them actually have the guts to say. We tried to see it as maybe the thoughts a few minutes before a fight or a break up and what could be running through someone’s mind in that moment. Maybe one suspects the other to already be detached from the relationship, maybe they each think the other is the one not putting in enough effort. It is a hypothetical scenario, though as is the case with all of our music there is definitely personal experience as inspiration. The title comes from this idea of hearing two people’s thoughts without them hearing each other, though it directly comes from the line in the song ‘you daydream about leaving me’. 

TF: And you worked with Josephine Sillars on this one, how did you meet Josephine?

Well one half of us, Cameron, first met Jo at XpoNorth in Inverness a couple of years ago as a friend of a friend. Then in summer last year Jo was looking for a new drummer for her backing band, the manic pixie dreams, so Cameron tried out and joined around autumn. At the time Frog Costume was still based in Aberdeen but we were planning to make the move to Glasgow at about the same time as the drummer vacancy opened up so it worked out nicely. A big part of us moving to Glasgow was to get this project more involved with the creative people here, so when we decided we wanted a song with a male and a female vocal part Jo very quickly came to mind. She did a really great job, and we couldn’t be happier with her. It was also a collaboration with Conor Heafey, in producing the song. We tracked most of it at our home but then took it to Conor to record Jo’s vocals and to mix it. He made it sound a lot better than we could’ve done by ourselves, so we’re very grateful. Conor’s got his own solo project with a King Tuts show and a some new music coming up, definitely worth a listen too. 

TF: Are you scheduled to perform anytime soon, can we expect to see you in Glasgow or Edinburgh? 

Well we actually currently have no shows booked as we’re working on getting the live show back up to standard with a new band member, but we’ll definitely be playing around the central belt this year. The live act has always been as a three piece and we had a member drop out around summer last year, so we’re currently redoing the set with a new line up. If anyone reading this is looking to book for around April/May time please give us a buzz. 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Well a definite highlight was to be a part of a Scott Hutchison remembrance charity gig in Aberdeen shortly before we moved. It was at the Tunnels and a lot of really cool bands and performers did little sets with at least one Frightened Rabbit cover. We have been Frabbit fans for years and they are a big influence on our songs, so to be part of that event meant a lot to us. Our favourite full on Frog Costume show would be the first show we did outside of our home town of Aberdeen, in Perth at the Green Room. We got a really great reception from a city we didn’t know too well and we got the impression that people genuinely enjoyed our stuff, which really means a lot to us.