London based trio Fortnight In Florida, are a self-produced collaboration hailing Toro Y Moi, Holy Ghost! and Hot Chip amongst their biggest influences. They have just dropped new single, Easier to Lose, with plans to release a full-length LP, In-Flight Entertainment. Andrew Gallop and Eamonn Dawe, who perform on drums and guitar as well as backing vocals, spoke with The Fountain about the reception to the track.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what has the reception been like to Easier to Lose?  

Andrew: It’s been very exciting indeed! It’s been loads of fun and definitely our most successful release to date, so far. We’ve been picking up lots of interest from places we’ve never had any kind of contact before, like Germany, Holland the US. Which has been really nice, and we look forward to seeing even more (hopefully positive) feedback from more places.

Eamonn: Yes, the response has been great! Like Andrew said it’s really interesting to see where the streams have come from and trying to work out if it’s someone you know or a potential new fan. 

TF: I am sure you get asked this all the time but being called Fortnight in Florida, do you have a Florida connection? 

Andrew: We’ve actually never been asked that before! So you’ve got yourself an exclusive here! We have no Floridian connection, as far as I’m aware. The name is more a nod to Mr. Alan Partridge and a form of escapism from the everyday mundane that can start to creep into your life from living in a big city like we all currently do.

Eamonn: I’ve actually been to Florida for two weeks. Busch Gardens has the tallest wooden rollercoaster in the world, and I saw Shamu at sea world. Then I went to Tampa and St. Petersburg (which sounds Russian lol) but anyway, it’s not anything to do with that.

TF: Are you performing in Scotland anytime soon, will we have the pleasure?

Andrew: We’d love to come up and play in Scotland, we currently have no bookings in Scotland, but we certainly have dreams too. We were going to start looking at spreading our wings and get up to Scotland ASAP! If you’ve got any recommendations for us, that would be great 😉 

Eamonn: Edinburgh fringe festival would be great to play, I’ve been there a couple of times for the comedy, it’s a really great experience.

TF: What else can we expect this year from the band, a new EP, or LP? 

Andrew: We’ve got lots of new music in the works for 2019. We’ve got no less than 4 remixes to drop for Easier To Lose. Done by some lovely friends of ours at JPM Recordings. Once that’s out of the way we’ll be working on a couple more singles and eventually drop our debut album, which is called In-flight Entertainment

Eamonn: And we’re aiming to get some more gigs outside of London, to spread some Floridian escapism, so Scotland is definitely on our radar for later this year.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

Andrew: We’ve all really been enjoying playing some more intermit gigs, with a stripped down set of instruments. Before Christmas last year we played a really cool, laid back gig with Ricochet. It’s run by two lovely French ladies, Camille and Inés, who are friends of Eamonn. They are promoting artists, musicians and anything creative in East London. They do it at different venues and spaces, supporting different causes. The last Ricochet was an International Woman’s Day special. We’ve also recently played in a lovely little pub in Borough, London called the Gladstone Arms with our new friends at Bark Promotions. It’s a small, relaxed place with an Anglo-Indian twist in the food that they serve there, very delicious scran indeed! When we played there we got the entire pub singing and dancing, which is always a bonus. But of course, we have fun playing at our full capacity too. 

Eamonn: Also, non Fortnight in Florida related, but Simon and I once saw Prince at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, and it was great.