Foreignfox have recently dropped new single, Birthday Flowers, which came out on 15th March, via Scottish Fiction. The Dunfermline-based, alt-rock-four-piece, Foreignfox are soon embarking on a UK tour, so lead singer, Jonny Watt, took a moment out of schedule to speak with The Fountain about the new single and his favourite gig.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what can we expect from Birthday Flowers?

I think it’s an evolution of sorts. The song was written as a lament originally, but if you give us some time to play with any song, it won’t be long until there’s crashing guitars, affected drums and borderline offensive electronic sounds in there. Recently I’ve come into possession of some crazy guitar pedals & synths so I guess that might have something to do with it.  I hope the song resonates with anyone who connects with the subject matter. Sad songs are my happy place weirdly enough, I think it’s the release of the whole thing that kinda takes the weight off me, a kind of ablution for the mind.

TF: What else can we expect this year from you, a new EP, or LP?

We’re doing a UK tour beginning in April to road test some new stuff & we’ve a few releases up our sleeves, but I’m sworn to secrecy for the time being. We’ve been working hard in the studio and getting our new member Dave on board, it’s all just kinda clicked. So I’m really looking forward to it all.

TF: What kind of flowers would you like on your birthday Jonny? 

A strong white bread flour so I can make Paul Hollywood’s famous focaccia. That’d be a treat. Well maybe an orchid for the house, to be honest with you though, between the video shoot & props for tour, my living room’s beginning to look like a f**king florists.

TF: Are you performing in Scotland anytime soon, will we have the pleasure?

We’re playing Glasgow King Tuts on the 26th April, Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms 27th April, Bathgate Midnight Breakfast Club 18th May, Gig in the Goil Festival 19th May, Mac Arts in Galashiels 31st May & Party at the Palace on the 10th of August. You’re very welcome to come along to any of them. 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

There’s a promoter in Teeside called Andy Carr who put us on the bill for our first English shows a few years back. We were meant to be supporting a really good, established Scottish act in Middlesbrough, but they had to push their album date back and reschedule the tour. He asked if we’d be up for headlining the show, and because he was such a gentleman I agreed without hesitation. The show ended up packed out, and it was the first show I really noticed lots of people screaming the words back at me. The warmth of everyone in the crowd coupled with Andy’s professionalism really set this show apart. I could have talked about T in the Park or when we supported Big Country & Nazareth at our home football stadium, but really when it gets down to it, you just can’t beat a really sweaty intimate show with great people.