Glasgow-based artist Faith Eliott explores duality in their debut album Impossible Bodies, which is out on their own record label OK PAL Records on 19th April. Born in Minneapolis, Faith Eliott moved to Edinburgh at age sixteen and became immersed in the city’s DIY music and arts scene. They spoke with The Fountain about the new album and releasing it as the first for OK PAL Records.

TF: A debut LP, how exciting, what can we expect from the record? 

Well, the album is a bestiary, meaning each song is about or symbolised by a different creature. Thematically I think that it’s very similar to Insects, the EP I released in 2016 with Song, By Toad. It’s very lyrically driven. There’s lots of descriptive bits and bobs. I like a good narrative arc…

I was living in the States last year and recorded it with my friend Colin Nelson in his home-studio set up in Seattle. Needless to say, the environment you record in really changes the sound of the songs… Insects was much more of a DIY operation. For the album I really wanted to retain a bit of that folky, lofi quality in places. But it definitely has a much broader sound in general. There’s lots of full band material. Percussion, cello, keys. It gets noisy. 

TF: You’ve titled it Impossible Bodies, what makes a body impossible?

It’s a phrase taken from the song Grouper to describe all the funny looking fishes in the aquarium the song is set in. I think I take it to mean just like… weird bodies. Bodies are really weird. It’s a constant toss up between pummelling your body into the way you want it or accepting it for how it is. There’s so much balanced on what kind of body you have, but you really get very little choice in the matter. 

TF: You used to be involved with Song by Toad and you recently set up OK Pal Records, how have you found the process?  

Good! It’s been quite the three month crash course on releasing a record, and I’m glad my own album is the guinea pig. But it feels great to be at the wheel, and the support that the Scottish music community has shown us is really heartening. Everyone has been super encouraging and the events we have organised have been a ton of fun. Matthew (of Song, By Toad) has been hugely helpful and supportive to boot. We’re very lucky!

TF: Are you scheduled to promote the album with an upcoming tour that we can look forward to? 

Indeedy, it’s in the works! 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

I think more recently I’ve been feeling more and more comfortable with performing. It can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience for me. People always say that nerves help you perform better, but that has been a real myth in my case… I enjoy gigs much more when I’m relaxed. It helps when you have your community around you. The OK PAL launch was great fun.