Latvian trio Carnival Youth have a brand new release, a double A side single featuring Birthday and Phantom Planet, which was released on 16th March via their own label, Carnival Youth through The Orchard. The trio spoke with The Fountain about their new releases and their reason behind releasing it on their own label.

TF: A double A side release, how exciting, what as the reception been like so far?

It’s been almost two weeks since the release and so far it’s been great, people seem to enjoy the new singles! We had an album listening party with our friends a while ago to choose the first single, but opinions were so divided that we could not decide and released two instead of one!

TF: You’ve titled it Birthday & Phantom Planet, which phantom planet would you like to be on for your birthday?

We really love the one behind the Sun where only the Moon can see it.

TF: You formed your own label to release your tracks, what influenced that decision?

In Latvia there is not a necessity to be signed to a record label, cos music scene is quite small compared to other countries and creating our own was more convenient and made more sense.

TF: Are you scheduled to perform anytime soon, can we expect to see you in Scotland soon?

Our album, Good Luck, comes out on 16th of August and once it’s out we’ll hit the road and fly high as kites, keep your ears open.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

There have been many incredible life changing experiences on the road and at home, but the first one that comes to mind was two years ago in Switzerland, on top of the mountain, after a great day a friend organised outdoor event with BBQ, great atmosphere, happy people. We played our show watching the sunset over the village. Beautiful.