Trapper Schoepp has just released his new album, Primetime Illusions, and is touring very soon with Skinny Lister from the end of February through to mid-March with a date in Glasgow’s King Tuts, and then back again in April this time to Edinburgh’s Mash House.

He took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with The Fountain about the album and working with Xtra Mile Recordings.

TF: A new LP, how exciting, what have the receptions been like to the record so far?

This album is a first for me. It was written, recorded and released all within a year or so. And the reception has been more positive than my last albums. That’s due to the wild story of me finishing a song about my home state of Wisconsin that Dylan started 58 years ago but more importantly, I just think the songs are more inspired and immediate this time around.

TF: You’ve titled it Primetime Illusion, what is your primetime illusion?

Primetime Illusion represents my frustrations with America right now. The whole world is watching and we have our leader trying to deceive the public into believing one lie after the next. It’s a circus. We have the supposed leader of the free world representing none of the classic ideals of America. The album title has political overtones – but it’s also personal. Songs like It’s Over, TV Shows and My Comrade touch on the media.

TF: How has it been to work with Xtra Mile Recordings on this new album?

Their roster is diverse and I’m proud to be apart of it. Charlie, Anthea and Dani run a tight ship and I’m happy to be aboard.

TF: I noted you are performing in Edinburgh in early April, have you performed here before, what are your plans whilst in the capital?

I have! The rolling hills and scenery reminded me of Harry Potter and then I come to find out it was written there. It really is a majestic city. I’ll probably check out some cathedrals and have a coffee at the Elephant House.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Probably Town Hall in NYC with the Jayhawks. There’s so much history that’s happened there and you can feel it all in the room.

Trapper Schoepp is performing at Glasgow’s King Tuts on 7th March 2019 and Edinburgh’s Mash House on 3rd April 2019.