Singer-songwriter Thom Artway is back with a stunning new track, ‘Can’t Wait, released today via Warner Music.  Already one of the most acclaimed young musicians on the Czech music scene, Thom Artway’s third international release is taken from his upcoming second album, All I Know, due for release this Spring. Thom spoke with The Fountain about his plans for 2019 and the new single.

TF: new single how exciting, what can we expect from the track?

This new track is probably the most rock song from my new album. Upbeat tempo starting in the middle of the song and we tried to put those “pop” elements very gently. Go ahead and listen! In the end it has very optimistic vibe!

TF: You’ve titled it Can’t Wait, what are you unable to wait for?

I Can’t Wait for the girl that I invited to see her favourite band! “I’m queuing outside all on my own trying to look like I’m not alone….” – I describe that weird feeling when you’re not sure know whether that girl really comes. The music video to this song is conceived from a different perspective with the girl haunting me on the street.

TF: Are you scheduled to perform in Scotland anytime soon?

Not yet! Hopefully I will be back soon! I had a great time on our first UK tour!

TF: You’ve played some great venues, Sziget in Budapest and the Troubadour in London, what has been your favourite gig to date?

Sziget was massive! Heaps of great people! Unfortunately, our concert was interrupted by big storm but we enjoyed it anyway! And I remember that Edinburgh was also amazing!

TF: What more can we expect from you in 2019, is there an LP on the cards soon?

Hopefully! I have loads of vinyls at home, but none of them is mine, yet. There will be lot of gigs, festivals. And I’ve already started working on another album!