The Holyrooders, a new, unsigned band of five from Edinburgh, have been playing together since early 2018 and have just recently released their new EP, Reflections. They spoke with The Fountain about how they met and what can be expected from the record.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what can we expect from the record?

Expect a mix of emotions of what happened throughout our studies. The EP opens with Sandstorm, a song about doing the things you really want to do in life rather than just sitting on a couch hoping that they will happen by themselves. 925 (or 9-to-5) similarly encourages you to look beyond money and your daily routine and to realise that we should be working to live, not living to work. Melody of a Happy Man is somehow the prosecution of this story – it’s a song about being able to set yourself free from your duties and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Finally, Sayonara reminds us that some people come and go and that, despite us having to say goodbye, there will hopefully be a time in which we will all meet together again.

TF: You’ve titled it Reflections, what reflects back at you?

Reflections is an EP of us reflecting our moments, emotions and experiences as university students through music. It’s an EP telling the story of five tough graduates who are passionate and motivated; who get into the daily routine of working 9-to-5 but actually want to play music, instead; of our friendships and love stories and of us having to say goodbye to all the nice people we have met hoping, however, to meet them again soon.

TF: You formed in Edinburgh and called yourself The Holyrooders, do you all hail from Edinburgh?

Not really. In fact, none of us hails from Edinburgh! Two of us come from Italy, one from Indonesia, one from Switzerland and one from Lebanon. Our dorm, however, was in Holyrood, and since that is where we would always rehearse together we decided to call ourselves The Holyrooders. After graduating most of us had to leave Holyrood but we will always remember our time there. After all, that is where everything started.

TF: Are you scheduled to perform the EP anytime soon?

We are currently applying to play at several festivals in Scotland and across the UK. Meanwhile, our songs are being played on CamGlen Radio and some student radio stations, so while we finish scheduling our future gigs take some time to tune in and enjoy our songs!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We do not have a favourite gig as such yet, but our first live performance ever, in the common room of our student hall, is a good candidate for now. Someone organised a concert and we were asked to play. We knew almost everyone in the audience and probably everyone had listened to our songs already. But you know, practicing in a small music room with one or two friends listening is not the same thing as having dozens and dozens of people watching you while you are finally playing your own stuff live…