St. Humain is known for his vibrant genre-busting music. Mesmerizing audiences across the globe with his unique lyricism, electronic soundscapes and urban melodies, St. Humain’s lyricism is a true expression of emotion. He took a moment to speak with The Fountain about titling his EP Emotional Sauna as well as his various musical influences.

TF: A new EP release, how exciting, what can we expect from this record?

Thank you so much! This EP is my first, and it’s a journey of ups and down through various emotional states, that’s why I called it Emotional Sauna. Musically it’s also a reflection of that, going between pop and electronic with R&B influences. So excited to finally have it out! 

TF: You’ve titled it Emotional Sauna, now is that a sauna you would ever be inclined to visit?

Definitely, I mean, that’s where the songs all came from. If you think of a sauna, it’s a place where heat builds up – sort of a human greenhouse. Drawing from that, my EP is an emotional one where each song is a distillation of a feeling I’m sure we all have experienced! 

TF: Born in Singapore and based in Sydney, there must be a cluster of influences with your music?

For sure. Growing up listening to the radio in Singapore — shout-out to Perfect 10 98.7FM as it was called back then! — meant that I was very attuned to the pop charts, back when Britney and the Backstreet Boys were number one. But since moving to Sydney I’ve discovered the wild world of electronic music as well as urban… I love them all, and I think somehow of another these various styles show themselves in the music I make.

TF: Are you scheduled to perform anytime soon, can we expect to see you in Scotland soon?

I actually just played my last show on Valentine’s Day here in Sydney, at Sofar Sounds! It was a fun one playing my songs unplugged, and the crowd was amazing. I loved it so much! Hopefully I can come to Scotland to play a show soon, fingers crossed!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Great question! Also a tough one because I love them all. I played a show in Singapore last year too and that was important to me too as a lot of friends I grew up with were able to experience my music live for the first time. My first Sydney show was pretty cool too with plenty of dancing and vibing along with me… But right now I have to say I especially loved this week’s Sofar show. It was special because everyone was so into the music and paid attention to every note, and that was truly magical.