Ahead of their biggest headline tour to date, concluding with a hometown headline show at the Albert Hall, Manchester-based band Larkins have rebooted their single Something Beautiful, and spoke with The Fountain about the single as well as their thoughts on the Glasgow crowd, with their looming gig at The Garage.

TF: A new single how exciting, what can we expect from the track? 

This track is one we’ve been trying to create for a while. The synths and the bass sound super slick and full, all wrapped up with crazy loud guitars that hark back to the likes of Tom Morello. Lyrically I was writing for the first time about the people in my family and the things they go through. I wanted to talk about the perceived notion we have of romance and how in fact what we see on the TV screens and on the news is this terrible misogynistic culture with excuses that are utterly pathetic. I hope it hits home as a pop song but also one that has a really strong message. 

TF: Not only that, you are touring and performing in Glasgow’s Garage, what are your plans whilst in Scotland? 

We love Glasgow so much, we’ve played twice before and it’s been a pleasure both times. I’d like to look around a bit more this time so hopefully we find some time for a tour of the city. Maybe the Riverside Museum? With the tour being so crazy and loud we try and get to look for museums and galleries if possible, it chills us out big time! 

TF: Have you experienced much from the Glasgow crowd, how do you rate them?  

Loud. Committed. Rowdy. How’s that? 

TF: You are based in Manchester, but how did you all meet? 

We started at college when studying and went from there. We would basically day-dream about being a band rather than revising. Originally Dom, the guitarist, and I met at school when we were 13-14 and started playing Simon and Garfunkel covers at charity events. It’s come a long way since then.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Probably Manchester Academy 2 earlier last year. It was our biggest show to date and the hometown crowd blew us away.