Performance poet and theatre maker Imogen Stirling takes herself to Glasgow’s CCA tonight for a one-off performance of her sell-out, critically-acclaimed show, #Hypocrisy.

Imogen spoke with The Fountain about the performance, the influences behind it, and her recent brush with the publishing industry.

TF: Your event #Hypocrisy which is in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, can you sum it up in one sentence?

A fusion of poetry, theatre and music examining Western privilege and the power of the individual in an increasingly racist society.

TF: There’s a high level of political content to this, troubling times inspiring you with this performance?

There’s certainly a lot to be troubled about at the moment, and with art being such a powerful tool for sharing ideas and provoking discussion, creating the show was a natural move. Much of #Hypocrisy is based on my experiences of working and travelling abroad as a white, middle class, Western woman and how I realised in hindsight just how much I had exploited my privilege during this time. Our privilege as Westerners is a luxury we’re not taught to recognise and sometimes just having someone put words to a feeling you suspected but did not acknowledge can be the first step to altering your perspective.

TF: And are you likely to take this further than the Central belt, it sounds like a fantastic premise?

Absolutely. The show has already been performed in London, and I’m currently booked to take it to Berlin, Barcelona and Paris in the coming months before showcasing at the Prague Fringe Festival and culminating in an English theatre run. The theme of the show is intended to be recognised internationally rather than staying UK-centric so performing further afield will be a useful testing ground.

TF: I noted you’ve previously worked along Sir Tim Rice, what was that like?

I participated in rehearsal preparations for his West End show, From Here To Eternity. I was right at the start of my creative career so having the chance to observe this individual with such vast, impressive practice in his field was fascinating. He has such sound knowledge which he’s honed over a lengthy career, it was an incomparable learning experience

TF: And you’ve just recently joined the groundbreaking 404Ink team I see, are you looking to get more of a foot into publishing?

It’s my first foray into the publishing scene and above all else it’s exciting to have the chance to collaborate with these dynamic women and become part of the 404 Ink journey. It’s interesting too to be on the receiving end of writing rather than presenting my own, so it’s giving me a much rounder appreciation and understanding of the writing community.

Photo courtesy of Perry Jonsson.

Imogen’s #Hypocrisy is tonight in Glasgow’s CCA at 8:30pm.