Foxfeather, in the form of American duo, Carly Ricks Smith and Laura Paige Stratton, have released new single, Come and Get Me, which is from their 2018 EP. They spoke with The Fountain about the influence behind the band name and the reception to their single.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what has the reception been like to Come and Get Me?

We have had a great response to our new tune.  Our local and non-local communities have shown us a great deal of support. This particular song was a long time coming, it took us nearly a year to finish writing and then the better part of another year to produce, engineer and release. Our fans were ready for new material, and we took the time to create something we think was ‘worth the wait.’ Through the process we were really able to delve into what the song meant to us, and could be/mean to the listener.

TF: You’ve titled yourself Foxfeather, what inspired that band name?

We can credit that brilliant idea to our friend, Megan. We kept going back and forth on band names, and none seemed to fit our music or ourselves. She, as a third party observer, was able to objectify us a bit, to our benefit. She suggested Foxfeather and we never looked back.

TF: And what influenced you musically with this single?

On its face Come and Get Me is lyrically descriptive, depicting a house in disarray, falling apart from the inside out. The 2018 single reflects our journey as artists and women in a world fraught with expectation and contradiction. It showcases the personal torment of building a life that simultaneously tears itself down, that struggles to sustain and nevertheless remains the only option.  When we first played the song for our producer, Jagoda, he smiled and informed us we had written a ‘little soul tune.’ We ran with it. We wanted horns, we wanted keys, we wanted call and response back-ground vocals, and we were fortunate enough to work with some amazing musicians to bring it all together. The soul vibe of the song, paired with the lyric, creates both a joyful feeling and a melancholic loneliness, and an acceptance that our life struggle is our own.

TF: Do you have some dates in your event calendar coinciding with the release, when can we indulge in seeing you perform live?

We don’t have a European tour planned at the moment, but it is definitely something we would love to consider in the future. We have knocked the idea back and forth a bit, and will keep you all in the loop. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the States, our full schedule can be found here.

What has been your favourite gig to date?

That is a difficult question. We love travelling and seeing new venues, meeting new people, and we also love playing in our region, with our local peers, for our local fans. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we have some really exciting shows this Spring that I think will be top of the list. We’re really looking forward to playing the Gothic Theater in Denver on Friday and Minnesota’s Midwest Music Fest in May.