Chasing Shadows are a four piece pop rock band based in North Wales. Influenced by their favourite bands (such as The Stereophonics, Foo Fighters and Green Day), their aim is to create an upbeat and exciting sound with catchy melodies. They have just released new EP, Darker Days, and track, Open Your Eyes, so spoke with The Fountain about the reception to their new single as well as their desire to perform in Scotland.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what as the reception been like to the track? 

It is! We’re really proud of this track, and the response to it has been incredible so far – we’ve been blown away by it! The comments have been so nice, and it’s amazing to see a track you’ve written get such a great response.

TF: You’ve titled it Open Your Eyes, were you inspired by that Spanish film?

We’ve not seen that film, we’ll have to check it out! It’s actually written about a time our lead singer, Sam, went through a serious operation on his eye and we really weren’t too sure which way it was going to go, thankfully he’s all good now!

TF: You formed in Wales, how did you all meet and come up with the name, Chasing Shadows?  

A long time ago, our bassist, Russ, gave Sam (lead singer/guitarist) some lessons. Sam played in a few bands and started doing lessons himself, and I (I’m Ben by the way!) had a few from him. All started going well, we did an open mic night and got a booking off the back of it. At the time we were jamming with Chris, our drummer, and it it all started there! A couple of months later we were starting to look for a bassist when Russ got back in touch with Sam, he joined up and here we are, five years later!

I’d like to give you a really exciting story about the band name, but we were watching TV, saw the name on there and thought ‘yeah, that works’, and it stuck. We’re really going to have to think of a better story though!

TF: Are you scheduled to perform anytime soon, can we expect to see you in Scotland soon? 

I hope so! There’s such a fantastic music scene in Scotland and some iconic venues we’d love to play, so keep your eyes peeled for what this year brings!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

For me, I think it’s either playing Manchester Academy as I’ve so many of my favourite artists there, it was strange standing on the same stage they had, or playing at Formby Festival to 6,000 people – that was certainly an experience I won’t forget!