Rising star, Allegra, begins 2019 as she means to go on with dropping her breakout single All About Us on 15th March.

She spoke with The Fountain about the new track as well an upcoming tour.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

You can expect a song which is just uplifting and full of positive energy. When I was recording my new single, I always wanted to start jumping around and dancing when it came to the chorus because of its addictive beat and hook line, All About Us. So many people around me have come up and said “I’ve been singing and humming your song all day’ which I feel terrible about because I didn’t want it to become an annoying tune. Secretly I am always thrilled when I hear that because I take that as a sign of being a good and catchy song.

TF: What is ‘all about us’?

All About Us, is about two people who are secretly in love but have found difficulties along the way. It is about taking changes in life because you never know what the outcome might be.

No one is perfect in life and in the song they realise that they have to take chances if they want to be together. Even though they have said things which they regret, they know that life is too short to argue. They want to take the change and the risk because is it worth it and because they know that it’s really all about them.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you performing in Scotland anytime soon?

There are future plans to go on a school tour around the UK and Scotland, which is very exciting for me! But at the moment the most important thing is to give the British fans an idea of who I am as an artist by releasing more of my songs over the next year. So the answer is yes, once I release more of my songs.

TF: How is it to work with your management and production team?

You should probably be asking the team how it is working with me because the older I become the more I pay attention to detail of the songs and become pickier. I would ask to change things on the tracks and message them asking if I could come in and re-record things etc.

All jokes aside, I have realised that I have become pickier because I know what I want to come out of my music and because I want it to come out to the best of my ability. I am so lucky to have such an amazing opportunity in my life at a young age and I don’t want to take any of it for granted.

I really could not have been any luckier to of landed with such an incredible team who supports and stands behind me! They have really become like a second family to me who I connect with through our passion for music.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

One of my favourite gigs was when I had the most incredible opportunity to be able to sing with Leona Lewis! I was definitely on cloud nine when I sang with her! I was fourteen at the time and I just remember being so nervous when I first met her as I walked into her studio with her whole band all set up. She was kind of enough to let me sing a duet with her on her hit song Bleeding Love. It is an experience that I will definitely never forget as I remember he kindness towards me as she told me to ‘keep following my dream’.

Another favourite gig of mine was when I was asked to sing at a club one night with the theme of Club 21. It was defiantly something that I had never done before and it was the first gig that I was getting payed for at the age of fourteen. One of the songs that I had chosen to sing was Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan and I was so nervous before I got up to sing, but all I remember was having the time of my life. I was lucky enough to be able to sing one of my songs as the closing act and surprisingly that was the song that got everyone up on the dance floor which is something that I will never forget.