March 15 and 16th will see a two day takeover from the SAMAs (Scottish Alternative Music Awards) in Paisley, which will include some spoken word from Chris McQueer, an In Conversation with Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, performances by Kathryn Joseph, C Duncan and also Sweaty Palms.

Sweaty Palms spoke to The Fountain about the event as well as their anticipation about playing in Paisley, a town steeped in musical heritage.

TF: You are performing at Paisley’s Bungalow as part of the SAMA’s takeover, what can we expect? 

We’re getting the ball rolling on some new material, so people can look forward (or not) to some of that. Some old stuff too of course. Generally don’t pay much mind to what people can expect maybe we’ll make some choreography in light of this.  

TF: And what a line-up, to be on the same bill as Kathryn Joseph and C Duncan must be exciting?

Big line up, up with the big guns, hope we can live up to the expectations now… 

TF: And how does it feel to be performing in Paisley, a town so rich in musical culture and heritage?  

Looking forward to it, being the adopted Scottish home for punk after Glasgow ‘Banned’ it back in it’s heyday I’m sure we’ll be right at home.

TF: Can you sum up for me what the event is look to achieve? 

Being the first time playing in Paisley we’ll be looking forward to playing to some new eyes and ears, also get to see some new bands ourselves to boot. Perfect platform to keep Paisley on the map for being a music town. 

TF: And what is it about the SAMAs that made you agree to work with them on this project? 

Absolutely the money, we won’t give too much away but we can confirm it was a six figure sum. 

For more information on the SAMAs Paisley Takeover click here.