Oslo-trio, Spielbergs, are performing in Glasgow on Feb 12th at The Garage Attic Bar, which will perk ears as things have been really happening for them of late.

With new track out, Five On It, Spielbergs spoke with The Fountain about performing in Glasgow and their favourite gig to date, hopefully Glasgow will change that.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

It is very exciting indeed! We can’t wait to go out on tour and play them all live. Our debut album has turned out just as diverse as we wanted it to be. We can tell you as much as it has a lot of guitars, bass and drums. Everything from straight in your face fist pumping bangers to some longer slower and quieter ones. We love bands and albums that offer more than just one type of mood and are a bit unpredictable.

TF: What inspired the song Five On It?

Five On It is about being completely dependent on/addicted to the attention and acknowledgement of another human being, while trying to convince oneself and everybody else that you are cool and don’t give a fuck.

TF: And you are playing Glasgow’s Garage soon, have you performed to a Glasgow crowd before, how do you find them?

We have been to Glasgow before on holidays or with other bands, but it will be the first time we play in Glasgow with Spielbergs. Christian (Drummer) once drove all the way from Liverpool to Glasgow believing he and his band were playing a gig there just to be told at the venue on arrival they were not ha ha. That little incident aside, Glasgow has always been a good place to visit with a lot of friendly people. Hopefully we will see a lot of new faces in February.

TF: And how did you all meet and form?

The band was kind of born out of necessity, so to speak. We have all been in a bunch of different bands earlier, but we had sort of given up on the hole “being broke and playing in a band”-thing. So, we got our degrees, jobs and families and tried living without playing music. But something was missing from our lives, so Mads (vocals/guitars) and (Christian (drums) started getting together on Fridays to jam and to have fun making music again. After a while Christian found Stian (bass/vocals) in the men’s-room after a gig, and the band was complete!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

Hopefully we can say Glasgow after our first visit, but since we have not played that one yet we will have to say Siren festival in Italy last summer. A one weekend adventure to a part of Italy where we never thought we would visit. Located in the city of Vasto by the sea. It was like a mini holiday and we got to play in some beautiful surroundings and catch Slowdive live for the first time.