Allo Darlin’ drummer, Mikey Collins, has recently dropped two remix EPs of Waste and West Coast, via Fika Recordings. Guest remixers include Johnny Winfield, Nicholas de Carlo, James Yuill, Jolyon Thomas and Ian Button.

Mikey spoke with The Fountain about these two releases as well as his plans for 2019.

TF: Not one but two remix EPs, how exciting, what can we expect from that? 

Hello I know, it’s fairly f** king indulgent isn’t it?  Luckily I have an understanding label. When I started approaching folks about remixes I wanted to let them choose a song rather than give them something specific to re-work, so I sent them the whole album and gave them free reign. Then, naturally, I ended up with several versions of West Coast!  To be honest, we’d already thought about putting that out as a single, and that just gave us an extra bit of confidence to release a radio edit with the remixes backing it up.  Then we had a couple of bits from the album that hadn’t made it onto the record and some other remixes that felt like they deserved a little release in their own right… so here we are with TWO remix EPs!  The remixers are Nick de Carlo who did a brilliantly dark string arrangement of Something To Lose called A Heart, it’s very filmic. Johnny Winfield who co-produced and mastered my album and who loves his EDM and disco and brought a bit of polish and sunshine to the remix. Jolyon Thomas (he’s a bit famous y’know) did a heavy classic remix of West Coast. Ian Button who drums with me live and has a lot of his own projects on the go and delivered a slightly indie/Kraut version of Sound In Here. James Yuill, who is a brilliant folk-tronica chap, his version of West Coast is definitely better than mine!

TF: What has the reception been like so far?

The reception has been mostly positive, although I think some people have been a bit confused by it!  Back in the 90s this sort of thing used to happen quite a bit more perhaps?  I don’t know.  It’s genuinely been a really exciting part of releasing the album for me…

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you performing anytime soon?  

I am just finalising a UK tour in April with the fantastic Simon Love, when we’ll be doing a week or so of shows.  Details to follow very soon!

TF: And what has it been like to work with these artists, quite exciting? 

Yes, it’s been really exciting.  I feel very grateful to know a community of artists I can approach for this kind of thing and they have certainly delivered beyond my expectations.  I love the fact that the same (broadly speaking) melody / set of chords can be turned into something with such a different feel – it’s very flattering seeing your work played with like that.

TF: Is there someone that you are particularly keen to see remix your work? 

Ooh, I’d love Erol Alkan or Daniel Avery or someone like that to have a look at it, but I think we’ll save that for the next project now.