People Change, the debut album from ethereal indie pop band machineheart comes out next Friday. “People always change and we’ll never be like we were before,” Stevie Scott sings in the title track,“If I let you go, will you be able to walk on your own?” It’s one that holds reflection and evolution of people and relationships dear to it’s heart.

machineheart spoke with The Fountain about the new album and their hopes to perform over here in Scotland.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what can we expect from the record? 

People Change is the sound of us finding ourselves. it was fun and experimental and freeing and formative. We locked ourselves in our rehearsal space for a year and half and wrote a million songs together until we had this grouping of songs, we’re very proud of it. 

TF: You’ve titled it People Change, in what way have you focused on this?

People Change was the last song we wrote for the record actually. We wrote it at the studio while recording the rest of the album and we felt like it perfectly summarized the process for us- that idea of changing inwardly and also seeing changes within relationships. Everyone is constantly changing and growing, closer or further from each other and more or less into who they want to be and we definitely felt the struggle that friction can bring throughout the record-making process. But that friction and tension is what made the songs actualise and materialise so for that, we were very grateful to change itself. The homage felt appropriate as a title.

TF: You are based in LA, how did you all meet? 

We met through mutual friends a few years ago, although Carman and Harry have been playing in bands together since they were teenagers and Jake joined them a few years after that. Once we were all living in LA, we started jamming and writing so eventually we picked a band name and machineheart was born.

TF: Are you scheduled to play Scotland anytime soon? 

Not yet but we seriously need to get over to the UK as soon as possible. That’s definitely on the to-do list for this year. 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

We played Bunbury a few years ago when we were just starting out and the line-up was so great. We opened for Catfish and the Bottlemen that day and those guys are amazing of course so we just had the best time walking around seeing all the bands we love. It started pouring rain, like torrential rain, so it made it that much more memorable running from stage to stage and being soaked to the bone. Tame Impala’s set was cut short because it was raining all over their equipment. Very rock and roll.