Previously a duo, Falmouth-based Hockeysmith is now the solo project and musical alias of Annie Hockeysmith. Her new EP Tears At My Age is set for release on 25th Januray via Ex-Local and looks to explore the emerging rave subculture in Cornwall with Annie’s love of pop music. The second single from the record Lonely Loving Me is available to stream online now.

Annie spoke with The Fountain about the EP.

TF: A new EP and single, how exciting, what can we expect? 

Some music videos, a mad live show and some collaborations with people from my scene in Cornwall. Hockeysmith have set up a label called EEL. It is also a collective of unique electronic artists. EEL compilation number 1 can be expected at the end of February. 

TF: What makes it lonely loving you?  

The lyrics explore the idea of loving and being loved as an ambitious person. It can be lonely loving yourself and lonely for someone else.

TF: And you are performing in Cornwall soon but are you scheduled to play in Scotland anytime soon?    

Edinburgh could be on the cards soon!   

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date?   

A free party we organised in a barn in Cornwall. Aphex Twin DJ’d and my bandmates and I arrived by tractor and ran on stage. It felt like my super sweet sixteen!

TF: And what have Ex-Local been like to work with?   

Lovely, enabled us to work with some very good people for the EP. Notably Neil Comber for mixing and Leah Rushtome for the video to Lonely Loving Me.  I am very grateful for Tom’s support at Ex-Local.