Somedays kicked off as a recording project between two friends from different walks of life when street musician Eliseo crashed a night at (now frontman and songwriter, then fresh law graduate) Vittorio’s place. The duo recorded a few demos over a summer with their friend Luca on the drums. Since then they have expanded and they have just released new EP, Knockout.

They spoke with The Fountain about their plans for 2019.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what can we expect? 

We wrote the Knockout after falling asleep on a flight while sitting right next to the plane’s engine, so it’s noisy and it really wants to fly. It’s fast, it’s upbeat and it’s about a car crash.

TF: Are you working towards the release of a new LP that we can look forward to?

We’re working on the songs we felt we were too inexperienced to record six months ago and we’re having a blast. You better be ready for some weird ass stuff next year.

TF: And how did you all meet and form as the Somedays?

We were all friends before we were bandmates and not all of us expected to end up making music. All it took were some nice demos and we moved in together to chase the dream.

TF: And will we have the pleasure of seeing you perform in Scotland anytime soon? 

We really hope so! We’re heavily focused on recording right now and we will spend a lot of time in the studio next year too, so we’ll see… We want to travel as much as every other band, but we want to do it with some good, good tracks.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

There’s nothing like the first time. We played the Roadtrip and The Workshop on the 26th April and we were back there on the 14th December. It’s got a great sound and the room is perfect for a shower of intimate noise.