President Street have teamed up with Refugee Employment Charity Breaking Barriers, who help refugees gain stable and fulfilling employment, to release their brand new single Back Home, a song that aims to return some humanity to the current refugee crisis.

They spoke with The Fountain about the track and the process, working with Breaking Barriers.

TF: A new single, in connection with Breaking Barriers, how did this come about?

Its funny but I think that every song writer hopes that their work can make a difference and ever since I wrote Back Home I knew I wanted the single to have a genuine impact on the refugee crisis. The partnership with Breaking Barriers helps me do this.

They help refugees gain stable, fulfilling employment using the skills and experience that they already have. They do truly life changing work and I am thrilled to be partnering with them for this project. Head to https://breaking- if you would like to find out more about what they do.

TF: And you titled this Back Home, what inspired you to give it this title?

I was really taken by the fact that these people were faced with the reality that the place that they’ve known as home for their whole lives (and probably generations) is no longer their home. So I really felt really strongly about what they must be feeling and more than just finding safety that they were on a quest is to find their way back to a new home.

TF: And what was the process like for this one, did you feel an extra weight?

The track had its challenges as I wanted to really capture the competing emotions of fear versus hope that I reckoned they must be feeling. So while the subject matter is pretty heavy I still wanted the chorus to have an upbeat and optimistic feel.

I don’t think I felt any extra weight at the time but after it was written and once people heard the track I definitely felt that I needed to do right by the song.

TF: And will you be promoting this track with a live performance?

We don’t have any dates booked to come to the UK just at the moment but we’re hoping to get across in 2019.

TF: And what else is happening with President Street at the moment?

We’re busy recording new material which we’re really excited about and we’re shooting the video for Back Home which looks great!