Contemporary R&B singer-songwriter Phé offers up a dose of soulful prowess, as her commanding vocals, combined with raw and honest lyrics, make tracks like Crisis music for turning heads.

Phe spoke with The Fountain about new EP of the same name and what inspired the name, Phe.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what can we expect? 

CRISIS explores my first experience with falling in love and heartbreak. Each song looks at a different stage of my experience — falling in love, breaking up, missing my partner and longing to feel that love again, going through a pretty self-destructive rebound phase, and finally getting over it — and how I was affected by/ how I handled each new space in the process of letting go. 

Sonically, the project is rooted in contemporary R&B, but each song has influences from other genres, creating a pretty diverse body of work. Overall, listeners should expect to be taken on a journey into my world!

TF: And are you working towards an album, an LP?

Right now I am simply enjoying this release. I don’t have a concrete idea of what the next project will be, but I am always writing and creating new music, so the next project is underway! I just don’t know exactly what it will look like yet because I am just enjoying the process of creation and having fun making new stuff. 

TF: What inspired the name, Phé?

When I really decided that I was going to pursue a career as a solo artist, I wanted to have a name that was representative of me but that wasn’t my birth name. So Phé is actually derived from my South African last name!

TF: And will we have the pleasure of seeing you perform in Scotland anytime soon? 

I would love to come and play in Scotland, but I don’t have any European tour plans set as of right now. Hopefully soon! 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

This is a hard one for me cause I really love performing live. But, I would say its a tie between my first gig ever as Phé back in 2015, a gig I played at the Satellite in Silverlake last January – which was one of my first shows in LA – and a show I played at Winston House in Venice over the summer. All three of these gigs had such a beautiful energy to them, and all were huge milestones for me — each for different reasons.