Molly Burch has released the video for Candy taken from her recently released, critically acclaimed new album First Flower. Directed by Nöel Wells, Candy is captured on 8mm film and nods towards pushy photographers and crazed shoots.

Molly spoke with The Fountain about working with Nöel as well as her favourite gigs.

TF: A new video, how exciting, can you sum it up in one sentence?

A colourful, fun depiction of what anxiety feels like.

TF: And what was it like to work with Nöel Wells on this video?

It was the best experience. We met on Instagram and instantly bonded when we met. Her energy is inspiring and contagious and I trusted her completely. I love her so much!

TF: Are you working towards an EP or LP release anytime soon?

I just released my second LP on Oct 5th so I’m very focused on that right now.

TF: And can we look forward to you playing in Scotland?

I really hope so!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, Molly?

I think my two favourite shows on this release tour were New York and Paris.