In 2015, Becky (vocals, guitar, keys, vocal looping) and David (vocals, drums, synths, vocal looping) originally formed LUNIR as a five-piece in Edinburgh. In 2017, they downsized to a two-piece and have since gained support from the likes of Vic Galloway and Jim Gellatly to name a few. They have just released Wadidi, and spoke with The Fountain about the track, including where the title originated. 

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect?

Yes! Expect heaps of vocals, twisted strings, a bit of funk, a dash of electronica, and a whole load of other stuff.

TF: And what inspired you to title it Wadidi?

It was originally called I Wanna Do What You Do, as is in the lyric, but that’s a bit of a mouthful so we naturally started calling it shorter and shorter names. Then when the time came for us to release it, we couldn’t disconnect with the name Wadidi, so we just kept it. Then at some point I wondered whether it meant something in another language, and discovered it’s actually a Nyanja word for ‘good quality’, which is nice.

TF: And will we have the pleasure of seeing you performing anytime soon?

Unfortunately not too soon, we were touring endlessly this year so we’ve taken a couple of months off to work on our debut album and prepare the new material for next year. We should be in the UK in February or March, so we’re bound to have some shows around then!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I have no idea. We can’t even decide what sort of gig we prefer – we love the euphoria of playing on a big festival stage equally with the intimacy and intensity of tiny clubs or Sofar shows. There are maybe a couple in the running, but I couldn’t pick.