Joshua KYEOT has just dropped new EP, She Loves Me Not, and has an upcoming gig at London’s Sebright Arms in February.

He spoke with The Fountain about what more we can look forward to from him in the future, as well as the record.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

You can expect a story that people can relate to and hopefully one that will make listeners understand the characters. It is a sonic whirlwind and will make your emotions change from song to song.

TF: And what inspired you to title this She Loves Me Not?

She Loves Me Not, is the latter half of a bigger picture. The game ‘She loves me, she loves me not’ is at the crux of the EP’s concept. I used to play the game with flowers when I was younger and that is what has inspired the story. The part of the story that She Loves Me Not covers refers to the view consequences of vulnerability and I guess the fears that we have when we put ourselves out there.

TF: And are we likely to hear of a new LP release in the near future?

Who knows? is the answer. I can honestly say now that I am not looking to release an LP next year but who truly knows what be required. If the time is right then it is possible.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you in Scotland anytime soon?

I look forward to performing all over Europe very soon and hope to jump on stage and do my thing anywhere they will let your boy in. At the moment though the plan is to put on an amazing show at the Sebright Arms on the 7th of February 2019. That is the most immediate focus. It’s going to be great. Another headline show for me to put on. I can’t wait. We sold out the last one and this one at Sebright will be even better.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

My favourite gig would have to be the last headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters. Cosy, I could see everyone’s faces light up as I surprised them with song choices. Had a full house of great people out to have a good time. I had too much fun if that is possible.

Joshua KYEOT is performing in London’s Sebright Arms on 7th February 2019