CS Buchan released an album in May, CS Buchan & Friends, featuring the prolific and talented Guy Capecelatro III of Portsmouth, USA on vocal, lending an Eels feel to the track. CS has just dropped the video for Like It’s 1979 and spoke to The Fountain about the videomaking process as well as public performances.

TF: A new video, how exciting, what is the concept?

After a heavy Sunday roast, an undigested bit of beef wreaks havoc and causes me to hallucinate a journey into space. Or maybe it really happened. I’m not too sure. The premise is that I am a space traveller who journeys deep into space, landing on an alien planet where I discover a race of silver creatures, which spookily resemble me and it turns out they are delighted by my arrival when it transpires that there is a giant CS Buchan silver idol in their city which is worshiped by the alien race. Pretty far out!

TF: Who came up with the idea for the video, did you have much input yourself?

No, none at all and I was very happy with it that way. I don’t think it’s always a good idea having musicians with little experience of film to be making creative decisions that don’t necessarily translate well on to film. Having said that, I knew exactly what I didn’t want as there is a dirge of dull and average music videos out there that do nothing for a song or the artist. After chatting to the video producer Andrew Davidson and visual artist Jo Muir about their ideas, I was sold as it was ridiculous and lo-fi but original and sounded like a good fit for the song. I’m a big fan of The Beta Band videos and this seemed to fit in brilliantly with a similar aesthetic to a lot of their own videos, whilst still retaining originality. There was never really a plan to release the track as a video as the album came out in May but the idea for the video sounded like so much fun to do, I couldn’t resist it.

TF: And what was it like to work with Guy Capecelatro III on the track?

He’s a wonderful man and musician. I met him whilst on tour with Best Girl Athlete in the USA a few years back and struck up a lasting relationship and in fact Best Girl Athlete covered a beautiful song of Guy’s called Frayed, which was the B-side of our single Lucy. I’m so glad he agreed to feature as his voice brings a whole new quality to the song that nobody else could have achieved. I did in fact get to perform the track live with Guy several months back when he was touring the UK, which was a real treat.

TF: You are currently working on the follow up to the current album, CS Buchan & Friends, what can we expect from that?

Well, I’ve been busy writing what I thought was a follow up album for Best Girl Athlete but it’s become apparent that it’s not really suited and is more CS Buchan. It’s pretty varied and I have around 25 songs to choose from so I’m just deliberating over whether I should perhaps do another Friends album or do it myself. I think working with other people brings so much more to my music, so I suspect I may go down the friends’ route again.

TF: And will you be promoting this with a tour, can we expect to see you live?

I’m not a huge fan of performing live and certainly after the last album having guest vocalists on the tracks, it became a challenge performing the songs live. So, I guess any performances in the future may depend on what the album ends up sounding like. However, if anyone gives me five pounds, I will come round to their living room and give them a personal performance. I’m skint.