Calista Kazuko has released her new video to murderous musical melodrama Press Stop & Rewind, part one of a two-part video series to be released, the other being Sweet Jailbird

Singer/songwriter, Calista, spoke with The Fountain about Edinburgh gigs on the horizon and the release of a new album in 2019. 

TF: A new video, how exciting, what has the reception been so far?

Fabulous thanks! It’s lovely to have such love and support for our all-out shameless showstopper. 🙂

TF: And it is part of a two part video campaign, how does that work?

Sweet Jailbird is the second of a two-part mini-movie melodrama depicting sordid fantasies, murderous moments, subsequent incarceration and dreams of escape. Both songs were written with my long term writing partner Elliott James Frisby. We love to have fun and write OTT high-drama numbers! We began to wonder what happened after the boyfriend-killing saga of Press Stop & Rewind (Part 1) and thought perhaps the follow-up should be sung from prison. The incredible filmmaker Philip Reinking beautifully bought the drama to life with his film noir visual treats!

We actually wrote these songs a while ago for my 2017 EP Project: Love Me and decided to release them now as I’m making my debut album, EMPRESS, which is due for release in May 2019. The album is moving in quite a different sound world and style so we chose to put these vids out as a creative ‘full stop’ to 2018, their fun extravagance perfectly punctuating this creative chapter before the campaign for the new album starts in January.

TF: What inspired the name, Press Stop and Rewind?

When writing this song with Elliott, this chorus was the first thing to come. It just seemed neat and cute. I guess it stuck and then we figured out what we could be referring to (boyfriend killing it turns out!)

TF: And will we have the pleasure of seeing you perform in Scotland anytime soon?

YES! We are very grateful to have the support of Help Musicians for the EMPRESS album and will be doing a few UK dates to celebrate the release of the album in May 2019. We are also working with Locke Hotels as part of their ‘Locke Living’ series and one of our stops will be the gorgeous Eden Locke in Edinburgh (Date TBC).

I’m also hoping to spend a few days at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 with the charity arts collective I’ve recently launched ‘Voice of Aiko’. We are preparing a short arts programme to help raise awareness of prescription drug dangers and the powerful benefits of the arts and wellbeing. Voice of Aiko is grateful to be supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

My beautiful fairy godmother Sarah lives in Edinburgh so I can’t wait to visit her too!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

There’s been so many! Definitely one of my favourites has been playing LA’s Viper Room as part of a US Tour. Being Johnny Depp’s club I put on my finest furs in preparation. He sadly did not attend. We also played a rooftop in Vegas as part of that tour which was pretty wild!

One of my most enjoyable gigs for the amazing audience was at The Tron as part of The Edinburgh Fringe festival a few years ago. It remains unbeaten as the nicest audience I’ve ever played to! I do love the Scots – in fact I am a 1/4 Scottish, my maiden name is ROBERTSON!

Pre-order Empress, Calista’s new album out in May 2019, exclusively at Pledge Music.