Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes are back, having announced a handful of intimate UK dates for 2019, including Glasgow’s Stereo on 30th January. This is all in support of the release of their fifth album Get Tragic, which is out 25th January.

Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell spoke with The Fountain about returning with a new album and their progress since Box of Secrets back in 2008.

TF: A new album and a handful of intimate dates including Glasgow’s Stereo, how exciting?

Yeah it’s been a while! everything about this album feels like we’re re-starting the band again from a fresh perspective so we wanted to come back and play venues that a new band would play, get ourselves back into it.

TF: What can we expect from Get Tragic, you have come a long way from Box of Secrets, which came out ten years ago?

It’s the biggest musical leap we’ve ever made. it was time to really push ourselves and kick against our own habits and the patterns we fall into. To play it live we’re expanding the band to a four-piece for the first time, incorporating a lot more electronic elements and manipulation rather than just a standard rock thing. We wanted to find a way to still have the soul and energy and physicality of a rock band but use different sounds and colours, make something which is less typical. To me, our first album Box Of Secrets sounds very naïve and childlike – because it was. This album is much more considered and thought through and developed, which it had to be for us to move forward.

TF: You have been working with V2/Jazz Life for a wee while now, you must have a pretty tight relationship when it comes to these releases?

Yeah so Jazz Life is our own label which we set up initially to release our fourth album, and then very quickly released it would be a great thing to use to put out other bands. So over the last few years we’ve released radically different artists, just anything that comes on our radar that we think is cool. We’ve built it up a bit now where we have people other than ourselves who are working as partners which takes some of the workload off of us but also means people who are better at doing their job are involved. We’ve always been big Mogwai fans and I think it’s a lot like how they work their label Rock Action actually.

TF: And are you looking forward to performing in Glasgow, how do you find the crowd?

Yeah the last time we played Glasgow was one of the summer nights outdoor events and it was seated and actually the security were really arsey with anyone who tried to get up and dance so I’m really looking forward to it being a regular sweatbox venue where we can really get the crowd amped up.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, a difficult question I know for a career that spans well over ten years?

That’s always impossible to answer! I probably have about twenty favourite gigs and I’m sure even that will change in the next six months as we do loads more. Today I’m gonna say my favourite gig was the first time we played Summersonic festival in Tokyo, we’d never experienced a crowd like that before and since nobody really knew our lyrics, we had 10,000 Japanese fans screaming the guitar riff of Boring by The Sea back at us.