With the prospect of releasing a new LP in early 2019, the Reptaliens have hit us with new track, Echo Park, mixed by Mick Nolte and recorded at Jackpot Studios.

Cole and Bambi Browning spoke to The Fountain about the new album and where the name, Reptaliens, came from.

TF: A new track, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

Our new single Echo Park is the story of a Stockholm syndrome situation in which someone falls in love with their captor. The song is a mellow groover, in which we explored the importance of open space and minimalism in song writing. We took a “less is more” approach and left it up to the listener to read between the lines.

TF: And are you working towards releasing an EP or an album?

After a busy year of touring FM-2030 we finally got a chance to write and record new music. We recently finished our sophomore album at Jackpot Studios in Portland, OR. The album is scheduled to be released early 2019 and is comprised of a more focused and cohesive sound; as opposed to our exploratory and divergent song writing on FM-2030.

TF: When can we look forward to seeing you perform in Scotland?

We are hoping to tour the UK and Europe in May of 2019. We have been working with agents from Earth Agency and can’t wait to take the show overseas!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

One of my favourite shows was a house show we played in Denver, Co. These kids were filming in real time and glitching the footage for trippy projections behind the bands. They filmed themselves dropping a knife from a loft into a watermelon and for the rest of the night, there was just this watermelon with a knife sticking in it and eventually the melon got totally destroyed. We set off the smoke alarms with our fog machine in the middle of our set. The whole night was pretty wild but the cops never came to break it up. It was great.

TF: What inspired the name Reptaliens?

Bambi was the one who first coined the phrase ‘Reptaliens’. I can’t remember the context but we were at an artist studio space in Portland and it just came up in conversation.
We love conspiracy theories, sci-fi concepts, and aliens. We knew we had the band name then and there.