Rachael Sage has just released her 13th album Myopia after touring with synth-pop Legend Howard Jones and over twenty of her songs have been featured on hit reality TV show Dance Moms even accompanying Sia’s breakout star Maddie Zielge, it’s been a great year for Rachael.

She spoke with The Fountain about Myopia as well as the reasoning behind the title, and her excitement about touring with Howard.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

Myopia is my 13th full-length release and is an eclectic collection of songs relating to the concept of vision. Short-sightedness felt like a very rich theme for exploring a variety of sociopolitical issues, from environmental neglect (This Darkness) to the #metoo and Women’s March movements (Sistersong), to government surveillance (Snowed In), to mental health (Haunted By Objects, Sympathy Seed). There are a handful of more upbeat pop songs too though…it’s not all heavy! I had a lot of fun playing more electric guitar on this album as well (Umru Mayne, Alive), so that was somewhat of a stylistic departure and a welcome challenge!

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you in Scotland anytime soon?

I did a bunch of touring earlier this year behind the album, supporting the amazing Howard Jones for two months all over the US. I anticipate returning to the UK in March 2019 to support both Myopia as well as a pending collection of acoustic recordings called PseudoMyopia, and as always, am hoping to come back to Scotland as part of that tour!

TF: What made you title the record Myopia?

I have suffered from acute myopia (nearsightedness) my whole life but as it’s worsened to the point where I’m legally blind without my glasses, it’s also made me more mindful of what it means to truly see and be seen, on a more metaphorical level. The title track really encapsulates where I’m at now in my life and as an artist, doing my best to be more accepting of myself, shedding self-defeating fear and self-criticism.

Part of my goal with this theme has been to underline ways in which turning a blind eye to others’ suffering undermines our individual growth and weakens us as a society or conversely, how when we truly see one another we become more human. I hope in some way this is a healing and hopeful record, for these very chaotic times.

TF: You were also recently on tour with Howard Jones, how was that?

Touring with Howard Jones was literally a dream come true. I grew up listening to his beautiful, insightful songs and it was a huge honor to support him each night and to get to know him as a friend. He has an incredibly impressive work ethic and is just a lovely, positive and compassionate person all around. His audiences were very warm and accepting of my music, and I was extremely grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

I’ve been so lucky to play many amazing theatres and festivals (including Edinburgh Fringe!), but one of my favorite gigs has been playing Union Chapel in London, which has spectacular acoustics. There’s just something very spiritual about that space, and I felt like the venue itself became another very magical band member.