Home Economics have released new track, Good Life, via Double A Side Records but this is no ordinary release, it is a split side single with Glasgow-based Life Model.

Angus, frontman for HE, spoke with The Fountain about the origin of the band’s name as well as the single launch fast approaching.

TF: A new track, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

It’s the double a-side to our split single alongside Life Model. This one’s digital only but we have another coming soon on coloured 7” vinyl and to say we’re excited is a bit of an understatement.

TF: And are you working towards releasing an EP or an album?

We’ve had this in the pipeline for quite a while. At the moment the two singles and a few dates alongside Life Model are the plan. We might consider putting an EP or mini album out but we’ve not got that far yet!

TF: When can we look forward to seeing you perform next, you are based in Glasgow?

Funny you should mention that we have our single launch at the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on the 24th November. Joining the two bands will be Tongue Trap too, along with a raffle towards Glasgow Women’s Aid. All in all it looks to be a good night…tickets are on sale now 😉

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

We play mostly our own DIY shows, which is great fun as we get to choose who we play with and do all the running and the promotion etc. But other than that I’d have to say one that does stand out was the first time we played Bloc. It’s always fun playing there, they treat their bands so so well, other notable venues in the city should take note. That night we played with Norwich’s Birds of Hell who were just incredible. One man making a wonderful racket, please check them out.

TF: What inspired the name Home Economics, Modern Studies?

You’re not the first to have linked us actually…perhaps a gig together is in order! To be honest my mother was a struggling Home Economics teacher and it partially comes from that. The other side of it was we wanted a name that is just a normal thing (like Pavement or Real Estate) and to anyone outside of Scotland it’s just an interesting phrase. Between that and a lot of my songs being based around my home life.