London quartet, Fightmilk, who formed in the wake of broken relationships have released new album, Not With That Attitude, came out on 2nd November via Reckless Yes.

They spoke with The Fountain about how they came to title their record and their hope to play north of the border soon.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

Ten songs about things like ‘Bad tattoos your ex gets are bad’ and ‘the board game Dream Phone is good!’ and some other topics. Most of the songs are three or four minutes long and feature loud guitars and nice singing. They’ve been in the live set for awhile, so if you’ve not seen us before it’ll be entirely new and exciting. If you have, you’ll get to hear them again but we tried dead hard not to make any mistakes and you might hear, like, a handclap that isn’t there in the live version.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you in Scotland anytime soon?

We are touring! Starting this week! It’s called the ‘We Ran Out of Annual Leave’ tour and almost entirely on weekends in November, and December. Nick is going to drive the other three around the country and we’ll play games like ‘That’s EntHeightAgement’ – a great game a friend invented where you win points for correctly guessing celebrities height and age. Norman Cook is older and taller than you’d think.

We’re only getting as far north as Bradford this time around, but we’re desperate, DESPERATE, to play in Scotland. If anyone reading this can put us on we’d be delighted to come and play for you.

TF: What made you title the record Not With That Attitude?

As with most things about this record (apart from, weirdly, the running order) the title took ages to settle on. We knew we didn’t want to go self-titled – we’ll save that for the return-to-form fifth album that Brian Eno will produce – and we didn’t want to go with a song title. Unfortunately, that left literally every other combination of words in all of the world’s languages to play with.

When you’re in a band, especially after a few long drives on tour, you wind up with your own in-jokes and catchphrases. Thanks to our friend Dexy, Not With That Attitude became something we would say to each other to an almost irritating degree, so after a billion different ideas, that one stuck. Maybe this is retro-fitting a bit, but it sort of works as a manifesto for the record – there’s a fair degree of…let’s say endearing petulance in some of the lyrics that definitely warrants a pep talk from someone with a bit more of a positive outlook.

TF: How did the four of you form?

Alex and Lily had been friends for a decade or so when they decided they should stop bellyaching about wishing they were in a band and actually form one. They wrote some songs and enlisted Adam, who knew Alex through a friend to join on bass, by drunkenly cornering him at a club. Alex had played with Nick the drummer during a Radiohead covers set, when Nick stood up in protest at the key change of the objectively terrible song Sulk, which seemed reason enough to get him on board. We all met up together for the first time in a pub in Brixton and made it real while we sat in the pub garden and ate smuggled in McDonalds (it was a very expensive pub), listened to Bad on repeat and drank A Bit Too Much.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

Our favourite gig ever was probably at Tiefbunker Feuerbach, an underground bunker in Stuttgart, on tour with the Indelicates earlier this year. The outside of it just looks like a little shed, but then you go down the stairs and you’re in this huge cold labyrinth full of heavy steel doors and rooms full of enticing buttons and spooky mannequins. Our set was incredibly loud – as you’d expect in an underground bunker, our ears were ringing for days afterwards – and people were standing near the front with their fingers in their ears. They did come up to us afterwards and tell us they liked our set, though! We fully recommend playing in underground bunkers.