Cardiff-based singer-songwriter Carw, who is soon moving to Germany, has released his third single, FEATHERS, via BLINC Records to preclude his anticipated, debut LP, Skin Shed.

Carw spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from the album as well as working with producer Llion Robertson.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

Yes! I’m very excited! It’s an eleven track record. A mixture of Welsh, English and instrumental tracks. It’s my debut album. Some people describe it as electronic synth pop. The co-producer called one of the tracks ‘yacht pop’. So, yeah.

TF: And what inspired you to title this Skin Shed?

It’s a title that reflects the journey of making the album I guess. Or just a journey in general. Changing, going through phases, shedding old skin. I think it may have been a title of a track I was working on. I forget. But thought it was fitting for the title of the LP.

TF: How has it been working with Llion Robertson to produce this album?

I’ve worked with Llion a lot. He’s a close friend and I love working with him. He understands me on a musical and personal level which makes working on records super easy and fun, which I think is important. He’s a great producer. I sometimes play live for his project with Seb Goldfinch, Cotton Wolf. Check them out.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you in Scotland anytime soon?

I don’t actually have anything planned as of yet but would love to tour it. And would most definitely love to play in Scotland! I’m moving to Germany in December so I’ll be carrying on with live shows over there. I hope to be back in Wales often though.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

I’ve been busy writing the album so haven’t been doing shows as Carw. I did, however, have a great time at Swn Festival. It was packed, people were queuing on the stairs to get in. It makes a difference when the room is full, there’s a real buzz. I also have a little band playing with me which makes it a hundred times more fun to play live!