Hamburg five-piece Blast Bomb have released their new EP, titled Burn History & Live Today, appeasing their fan’s anticipation.

Johnny Rose (JR), vocalist, and Torben Friese (TF), guitar, spoke with The Fountain about the EP and their hope to play in Scotland.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

TF: The next step in the Blast Bomb universe, we go further and further to find our sound. People are still undecided on what style we actully are! Maybe you can help!

JR: Its pretty damn exciting, its been a really rewarding year following the release of our first single, this is the icing on the cake.

TF: And what inspired you to title this Burn History & Live Today?

TF: Kinda lifestyle and partly song titles, the deeper explanation comes from Johnny…

JR: Why me? Im sure you can explain….. Anyway when I was preparing the lyrics for recording I noticed the songs kinda all linked together, Documenting the last few years of my life, leaving the UK for Germany, saying goodbye to my old life and living everyday grateful. I think the title sounds really inspiring.

TF: And are we likely to hear of a new LP release in the near future?

TF: Yes we work and write new songs and want to create something new. So we don´t stop. The results will be a new release next year or two… We like smaller releases instead of a full release. This gives us the chance to try out different things in the studio and maybe diffrent studios and work with them

JR: Yes, I agree, I actually don´t want a full length album yet, I think we are still finding our sound, I mean what we do is Blast Bomb and thats our sound, but a full length to me needs to be all killer and no filler. That will come though.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you in Scotland anytime soon?

TF: I have never been to Scotland, I would like to tour there and promote our music.

JR:  I also have never played in Scotland. I had an offer once but it never happened. Actually I have a really good friend who is in one of Scotlands best bands (In my opinion, don’t shoot me) called Neshiima.. What do you think Hess??? Tour swap?

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

TF: I think not my favourite but a special one was the support for Powder For Pigeons show! Klaus was sick and we decided to still play the show! I had to play two guitar parts. That was a bit strange and I messed up literlly the first song!

JR: Our first headliner was a fanstatic memory also, great crowd, our families were there. Really good night! Heres to more of those.