Tonight is excitingly the announcement of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMAs) at St Lukes in Glasgow, which awards those in different categories of music. Dave Hook, better known as Solareye, and the lead singer of Stanley Odd is on the shortlist for the Best Hip Hop category with his solo project, alongside Jackal Trades, Kobi Onyame, and The Honey Farm.

Dave spoke with The Fountain about being on the shortlist as well as the rise of the Scottish hip hop community, and what more we can expect from him in 2018.

TF: Today you find out whether or not you are winner of the Best Hip Hop Scottish Alternative Music Award, you hyped?

Yes, it’s very exciting, this is actually the third time I have been on the shortlist so it will be interesting to see what happens.

TF: It must be great to be alongside such a talented list, Kobi also up for a SAY Award, recognising the genre within Scotland?

Yeah, absolutely, it was great to see Kobi Onyame get nominated for the SAY and I think the Scottish Alternative Music Awards have gone from strength to strength, this must be about their ninth year. I think it actually performs a really important service to underground and subcultural music scenes in Scotland. It is great to see the work that Richy and his team are doing with that.

TF: What tips would you have for anyone else recording and performing hip hop music in Scotland, is it more difficult than any other genre?

Well, I think it is a growing area. In the past it felt like it was a little community that existed on our own wee island and weren’t really recognised much by the wider Scottish music community, but I can say certainly over the last ten years it seems like that has changed quite a lot, and it’s great to see it reaching a wider audience and getting more regularly recognised as a valid artform in musical expression. In that respect I think the next generation of young hip hop artists and rap artists, it is really exciting to see how they are doing and how they are developing. In terms of getting started with it, my advice to folks is to go to nights, listen to what other people are doing, talk to folks about it and get involved.

TF: You also recently released All These People Are Me back in May, along with touring all over, we saw you at the Rip It Up Festival in Summerhall, Electric Fields etc, you have been super busy but what more can we expect from you in 2018?

Well, this year has been about focusing on the solo record, and I’ve never done a solo record before. Over the past few years, Stanley Odd has been pretty busy with touring and releasing stuff, it has felt like an exciting journey with Stanley Odd. So we took a wee break really about a year and a half ago, maybe even close to two years now and we have kind of gone into hiding playing maybe only a couple of gigs. So it had been nice to work on this record, Samson the drummer from Stanley Odd co-produced it along with Harvey Cartel who DJs when we do the Solareye stuff, and it has been great to work with them and focus on this different type of project, and we’ve been building something very different to the thing Stanley Odd does. We will continue to focus on that record this year but we are also starting to work on new Stanley Odd material for next year. It’s quite exciting getting everyone back together, as everyone else in the band have been off playing on other musical projects so it is quite nice to get back and start making music together.

The SAMAs are announced tonight, featuring performances from Blanck Mass and The Vegan Leather as well as Heir of the Cursed at St Lukes, click here for tickets.