“Half Greek, half Persian and half English” as she described herself aged five, Manchester-born Lexy found her identity in music early on as a pianist and violinist. She is soon releasing the first single from her debut album Something Blue, Blackmail, which is like the Devil’s take on a love song, sick and twisted.

Lexytron spoke with The Fountain about her future plans and her favourite gig to date.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

The song is called Blackmail which I have described as the Devil’s take on a love song. It has been really fun reading the various interpretations of the lyrics. It is about an unbalanced and one-sided “love” so much so that the recipient says that the instigator is ‘sick’. It’s a psychological crime thriller that lasts four minutes! The theme is dark but the music is fairly playful as is the video which stars the Devil himself.

TF: And can we expect an EP or LP in the near future, are you working towards that at the moment?

There is an LP out next year called Something Blue which is complete. I wrote all the tracks and sing them. Mike, the lead guitarist, from indie band City Reign played guitar on the album. The plan is to release it in 2019 after dropping more singles. It is exciting to share what we have done with people after keeping it under wraps for a good while – the response to Blackmail has been really positive but there’s not really another song like it on the album.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we expect you in Scotland anytime soon?

I am playing six acoustic dates in London in the run up to the release of Blackmail. The plan next year would be to play outside of the city. If Scotland will have me, I will be there! I love Scotland. I have very fond memories of spending a couple of summers up in Loch Ness with my family. Besides I hear that Scottish fans are the best in the world! I am keen to test this theory!

TF: And what has it been like working with Car Boot Records?

Car Boot Records is a DIY label and I have had complete creative freedom with my record.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date, do you have one?

I played in Greenwich recently and there were some Ukrainians watching the show. I have a song called Gypsy Blue which has an Eastern European folkish flavour to it and they went crazy for it! They started wooping, clapping and joining in. That was cool since they’d not heard it before! It’s a great feeling to make people happy even if for a short time!

Blackmail is out via Car Boot Records on 9th November 2018.