Lauren Ray released her debut album a couple of years ago, and is now working on the follow up, due out next year. She’s toured recently with the likes of Lucy Spraggan, Rebecca Ferguson and Anastacia on is now confirmed as the support for Paul Carrack on his massive UK tour next year, after recently dropping a new EP, Inside The Silence.

Lauren spoke with The Fountain about her future plans as well as her favourite gig in Milan.

TF: You released your new EP recently, tell us about that?

My recent EP Inside This Silence has four tracks on it; Be a Man, Dull Ache, Upstream and Black Wings. I recorded all of these songs over in Germany with a producer called Mark Smith who I met a few years ago on a writing retreat. I’d written these songs and a few others but I wasn’t ready to do a whole new album at that point but I loved these songs and so I decided to release them as a digital EP just because I wanted to get them out there. I feel they work well together as a package because they’re all about the unspoken in some way. It’s been really lovely to see the positive response to the songs and the videos that I created for Dull Ache and Be a Man.

TF: What inspired the title, Inside The Silence?

It actually comes from a line in Dull Ache: “Inside this silence I’m remind of you,” but because all of the songs deal with the unspoken I felt it was a good fit for all. I did a similar thing with the first album, We Will Need Courage comes from a line in Drive “to take this leap we’ll need courage” but it worked for all of the songs underlying message.

TF: And can we expect an LP in the near future?

Yes!! I have just finished recording my second LP which I am planning to release early 2019. There’s still so much to do to get it ready but I am excited to share these new songs.

TF: And not only are you set to play in both Aberdeen and Inverness soon, you are also soon supporting Paul Carrack?

Yes this is an incredible opportunity, I am so grateful to Paul and his team for inviting me out to support him for the UK leg of his tour. I will get the opportunity to play in some incredible venues and share my music with his fans.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

It’s hard to pick just one because I have been so lucky this past year with supporting Lucy Spraggan, Rebecca Ferguson and then Anastacia but I think I would say that my favourite show was my last big show which was performing to nearly 3000 people in Milan supporting Anastacia. I am constantly learning and growing in confidence and the experience of touring Europe was incredible. The last show was exhilarating, the audience were amazing, Anastacia and her team were lovely and I was just so sad it was over.

Catch Lauren Ray live on 30th October in Inverness, Velocity Café and on 2nd November in Aberdeen, The Coffee House.