Welsh rockers Godsticks are set to play Glasgow this week, playing tracks from their most recent album, Faced With Rage, and may even be introducing some brand-new songs. Performing at a new venue for them, the Garage, they are excited about hitting Scotland yet again.

The band spoke with The Fountain about playing to a Glasgow crowd as well as their favourite gig to date.

TF: You are playing Glasgow’s Garage soon, you must be stoked?

We are! It’s not the first time we’ve played Glasgow but it’s the first time we’ve played The Garage. I have a few friends in Scotland who told me it’s a great venue to play.

TF: What can we expect, I assume you will be promoting Faced With Rage?

Yes. Even though the album is approaching its first birthday, the songs still feel kind of fresh to us. Most of our set is from Faced with Rage but we play a few tracks from Emergence and one from our debut album. We also recently rearranged a song called Revere for a stripped-back acoustic set we did at our record company’s tenth anniversary bash, which we’ve decided to incorporate into the current set.

TF: And you have previously toured with The Aristocrats, how were they to tour with?

We toured with The Aristocrats a few times: in 2012, 2014, and I think we also did a few shows with them in 2015. Not only were they incredible live but they were also great fun to tour with – each of them has very distinctive personalities and their own unique sense of humour! We’ve come to be good friends with them over the years.

TF: And how do you find the Glasgow crowd?

Warm, friendly, and hugely supportive. We played a Glasgow gig back last year as an opening act, and in all sincerity it was one of the highlights of the tour, which is why we’re coming back.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but probably the two headline shows we did back in May. We’ve been an opening act for so long that to finally get an opportunity to play lots of material over a longer period is exhilarating. Add to the mix that the people in the audience came there specifically to see you and not the headline act, its hard not to feel humbled and excited. It’s every band’s aim to be able to tour as a headline act, and we’re no exception.

Godsticks and Exploring Birdsong are performing at The Garage Attic, Glasgow, Sunday 14th October, 7:00pm, Tickets £7 advance