Crushed By The Weight is the third single from DIY band, Dead Fiction, via Meraki Records. The Scottish rockers have recorded a song about the weight of money, or the pressure due to the lack of it, incorporating a plethora of metaphors and word play.

Craig MacLeod from the band spoke with The Fountain about the future plans for Dead Fiction, and the deeper meaning behind the song.

TF: Another single release, what are we likely to expect from this single?

This is actually one of the newest songs I’ve written and it purposely has a different rhythm and feel to it, as we have been conscious about trying to make sure all of our songs have their own character. I think this is important for us as a trio because aesthetically the music isn’t complicated, so it’s fun to keep looking back to make sure we are keeping things fresh and exciting for ourselves and I think that challenges us to write better as a band. We make a strong effort to consider our existing songs when writing so that they have different intro’s and outro’s, changes in tempo, groove, structure and production. I’d written a few more embellished tracks prior to this one for the EP, so for this song I wanted to have a powerful track that was simple, short, anthemic, catchy melodically and super fun to play live in terms of being able to just go for it.

TF: And what weight do you feel crushed by?

The concept for this song as a starting point was money and I was thinking about how our life’s are so tied into that system. Also, two close friends this year have been made bankrupt so I guess that fed it’s way into thought process for the lyrics. I’m not a fan of literal songwriting (personally) so I like to mask the obvious with metaphors and alliteration, as a way to make the words more ambiguous. For me this makes it more of a creative challenge to write which I enjoy and I think it allows for more interpretation for listeners too. I wrote down words, ideas and phrases associated with money and money making as my anchor point for this song, and that allowed me develop ideas from there. I wanted to have a lot of double meanings here too, so the idea about trees and money could also be about social class and status. There is also some religious ideology in there too which has come through a lot of my writing recently but I think it ties in well with this concept due to our relationship with both of these phenomenons. Lyrical overview below if you fancy a wee read:

Cut down,

Burt out,

For your skin we’ll stack our sins.

Carved up,

Sliced thin,

Give us our daily bread.

We are all crushed by the weight,

Crushed by the weight.


Down and out,

Stripped back to the bone.

We’ll stack our sins for your skin,

Give us our daily bread.

Slaves to the stash,

That itch we failed to scratch.

We are all crushed by the weight,

Crushed by the weight.

TF: This is now your third single release, when can we expect the album?

We’re currently working towards an EP which we’ll release in December and we’ll start working towards our first album in the new year.

TF: Any word on touring?

We’ll start playing shows in December to align with the release of our EP and we’ll hopefully be playing regularly in the new year too. Really looking forward to getting these tracks and the performance on the road.

TF: What’s next on the cards for Dead Fiction?

Well we love writing and playing together and it’s good to keep seeing a progression, so we’ll continue to make new music and get tighter as a band. Also, everything is self-produced, recorded and mixed between our own wee studios, and we also do all the photography and videography ourselves as well as press, so it’s super self-contained and DIY in approach and so this keeps us busy. In terms of output though, our EP and album are what’s next on the cards for us, as well as starting to gig regularly.