Ivor-Novello nominated folk band, The Leisure Society, are performing at this year’s Spree Festival in the heart of Paisley, along with the Duke Special next week, and will be treating us to some of their new tracks as well as their old.

Christian Hardy who plays keyboard for the band spoke to The Fountain about what we are likely to expect from their fifth release and their love of performing to a Scottish crowd.

TF: You are playing Paisley’s Spree Festival very soon, you must be stoked?

We can’t wait! The Spree is the first date in a short UK run, and we haven’t played a full band show since The Roundhouse in London two years ago!

TF: What can we expect, I assume you will be promoting album number five?

We’ll definitely be testing out the new material. We’re still working out the release plan for album five. We’ve spent so long on this record we have to make sure everyone hears it!

TF: What are you able to tell us about that release, keeping your eager fans on their toes?

What can I say right now? It’s the most emotionally raw record we’ve ever made. The songs Nick has written are modern classics in my opinion. It has some very special guests on it. It has a level of arrangement detail and production obsession that’s pretty extreme even by our standards. I’m so proud of it I could burst, frankly.

TF: Have you performed to a Paisley crowd before, you are in for a treat?

Nope! We’ve only really played in Glasgow and Edinburgh so it’ll be amazing to experience a new Scottish town. I love Scotland. My Mum lives near Berwick so when I’m up there I always venture further up out of England to see the countryside, the people and those amazing driving roads!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

It probably has to be playing The Barbican with The Heritage Orchestra. It’s hard to explain how it feels to hear arrangement ideas you worked out in your bedroom being played by a forty-piece orchestra. We’ll never forget that moment.

The Leisure Society/Duke Special will be performing in Spiegeltent, Paisley, on Wednesday 17th October, 7:30pm