Sam Way has just released new soulful track, Hard Feelings, which was out on 17th August, ultimately a break up single. This is his first release since the well-regarded You and All Your Things.

Sam spoke with The Fountain about his fan base in Turkey and his hopes for the track.

TF: You have a new single out, how exciting, titled Hard Feelings, it obviously speaks of a break-up but what are your hopes for this track?

My hopes, are always just for the song to move people, from the response so far it has been, and that’s enough. However, if we break 100k streams and Radio 1 want to playlist me, then that would be a blessing. I have real belief in this song. I’d also hope you reading this go and follow me on Spotify of whatever you use, and tune in to the track.

TF: And are we to expect a tour to follow the single release, can we expect you up north soon?

I’ll be heading all around the country in the new year on tour!!! Coffee?

TF: What is it about your music that appeals to the Turks, you have quite the fan base in Turkey I hear?

It’s a random story. Bear with me. In Turkey, I’m known to be like the real life representation of a fictional book character. Strange, but true. A hoard of young Turkish fans, fans of the book. are now avidly supporting my music career, and know me as ‘ALIKUS’ – I’ve been meaning to go out there for ages and play a show. It looks like that might be happening in October.

TF: What has it been like working with Café Music?

I love the vibe at Cafe Music, it’s been my favourite studio to work in, and is full of bizarre objects as much as amazing kit!

TF: You have a voice that sounds like it would lend itself nicely to collaborations or duets, have you considered this?

I love to collaborate, it’s one of my favourite things – The new single was a co-write and features Fleur, another artist based in London who works out of Cafe’ Music. I’ve also been in sessions with the Bloom Twins recently, and have more to come over the rest of the year. I feel collaborations are a wonderful way to break out of familiar patterns, and I think the work flow is a lot faster too. Two heads – or more – are truly better than one.