Party Nails, otherwise known as Elana Belle Carroll, has released new party track, My 404, which was co-produced by Coast Modern, LA-based duo. Synth-pop with references to Cyndi Lauper it’s near impossible to listen to this track without a head nod or two.

Elana spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from her LP and the inspiration behind the title, Past Lives and Paychecks.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what can we expect?

Thank you I’m excited too! You can expect a fun, uplifting, catchy song with a bittersweet tinge.

TF: And you have an LP out soon, are you going to be promoting that with a tour?

Yes! I have two tours coming up this fall but only in the US.

TF: What can we look forward to with the LP?

The album has what the EP and Break and No Pressure had, and it goes a step further. There is more exploration of quiet, and of darkness, and of sad. But there is still fun and dance and joy.

TF: And how have you found working with Coast Modern?

They sent me a few tracks a while ago, and I was really drawn to the one that was to became My 404. I like their music because they prioritise silliness and weird sounds.

TF: What inspired the title, Past Lives and Paychecks?

A friend of mine suggested it after he listened to the songs. I make references to money in a few of the songs, like So Broke, Paycheck and How Can We. I talk a bit about past lives and future lives as well, particularly in reference to love but also in reference to society and eras. I also thought about how they go hand in hand, particularly in a capitalist structure: “Have I always been like this, unworthy of more money and opportunity? Will I always be like this?”