As well as the beautiful records that Kenny Anderson has released under his well-known pseudo King Creosote, there are other projects up his sleeves, which can be seen this time in the form of Buoy Gull, a collaboration with the talented Mariearad Green, which is being released via Triassic Tusk.

Kenny spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from Buoy Gull as well as the back story behind the lovely art work on the sleeve.

TF: You’ve recorded a new single under the guise of Buoy Gull, a collaborative project with Mariearad Green (who you’ve worked with on Astronaut Meets Appleman), what can we expect from this project?

In May 2017 Mairearad put together a small tour of Sutherland and the Summer Isles, and our mix of her songs, my songs, some brand new songs, boat trips and scenery went down so well that folks right away asked about a repeat run of shows. For the new songs in the set I’d brought to Ullapool a book of buckshee lyrics written in 1993 so was able to add some less cynical than usual words to a few of her trippy accordion and bagpipe instrumentals.

We’re each of us busy, and we’re both fans of a slower paced lifestyle, so a new monicker and vinyl only releases will hopefully ensure that the music finds its own ears.

We recorded for a few days up at Lomond Campbell’s ‘The Lengths’ last October, enough music for another 7″ single and a 10″ EP to complete the set.

TF: I love the artwork for the single, who put that together?

That’s a sketch that Mairearad made on one of her KC invoices. She encouraged me to take a sketchbook out on my train tour of Europe, but I doubt any of my efforts will make it onto our records. The overall look of the single is down to Triassic Tusk, though, keeping it in line with their other releases.

TF: And this is not your first for collaborative projects, what was it about Mariearad’s talent that influenced you to get together on this project?

Collaborations come about once you’ve made a musical pal, in fact they’re hard to avoid. Mairearad’s an adept on piano, pipes and squeezebox, sings harmony, so to have someone so talented in a duo makes the job far easier for the other duffer.

TF: And this is one you are working with Triassic Tusk on, what have they been like to work with?

Stephen at TT always puts the creators of the music first, listens to how they’d like their work presented and promoted (if at all) and this works incredibly well for those with low expectations who’d like to retain some integrity. He’s a masterclass in understatement.

TF: Can we expect any live gigs as Buoy Gull?

You can, but probably not in a town near you, alas. Buoy Gull has a lot of sky, mountain scenery, fresh air and tides on their rider.