Christina Martin, multi-award winning Canadian singer-songwriter and entertainer has reminded us of her distinct voice and emotionally-driven pop/rock originals rises with this year’s critically acclaimed release, Impossible To Hold.

Christina spoke to The Fountain about her plans for the future.

TF: You have a new single out, how exciting, titled Impossible to Hold, what are your hopes for this track?

I hope the song will be heard and shared, and maybe it will resonate with people. In my wildest dreams the single would be picked up for a major film or television show, but I’m not the only artist hoping for opportunities like this. Ultimately, if it hits my major goal, to connect with others, then I’ll be satisfied.

TF: And are we to expect a tour to follow the single release, can we expect you in Scotland soon?

I’m taking a break this winter to re-assess where I should tour, how I can continue to afford touring overseas, and I would LOVE to tour this new album in Scotland.

TF: And that gig in Hyde Park sounds amazing, must be up there as one of your favourites?

Yeah, it’s mind blowing to see your hero’s perform live, especially when they sound better than ever!

TF: What has it been like working with Come Undone Records?

You mean with myself? It’s been a challenge! Lol. It’s just me, and I partner with other labels and companies in different markets to distribute and/or market my music. I’m no master self-managing, I still dream about having a kick ass management team, but I work hard, am usually organised, and besides…I have heard far too many stories of artists who are disappointed with their labels. Unless you find a label or management team that really cares about long-term growth, can take you to another level, and they are willing to invest and are not assholes, I’m not really sure why an artist would sign with a label. You can achieve a lot independently, or from partnering with companies for short-term campaigns. But ultimately, I do believe that to achieve mass reach, you should have a machine behind you. I only do what I can, it never feels like enough, and I make tonnes of mistakes.

TF: And what is for you Christina, impossible to hold?

Everything changes; so I try to appreciate things when they are good, and when things are bad, remember that it will pass.

The song evolved into a sort of tribute to artists that made me want to perform and record. I don’t think I’ll get to organically meet my greatest heroes of music; some of them are already gone, impossible to hold. Even after they are gone, with art and music, pieces of the maker continue to affect people, which is extraordinary.