Formerly one half of the namesake duo Truitt, Brigetta, alongside her brother, Brett, built a steady following for themselves, and she has just released her first solo track, Tic Tac Toe, a move away from Truitt.

Brigetta spoke with The Fountain about how Nashville has influenced her singing and song writing.

TF: You’ve released a new single, Tic Tac Toe. How exciting! What is the story behind this track?

Thank you! I’m so excited for it to be out. I randomly started singing gibberish one day, which turned into me singing Tic Tac Toe and that’s what ended up being some of the chorus. I brought the idea into my session with Gabe Simon and Brett Truitt, and they brought it to life. We wanted to create something fun and playful with the concept of being sick of games in a relationship. I feel like majority of conversations I have with guys, it’s always the same routine of waiting and initiating, and the whole balancing the playing it cool and being forward attitude. I’ve just gotten to the point where I’ve done that so many times, that I‘m over it. So we wrote this little doo wop poking fun at it all.

TF: Nashville always makes me think of rock n roll and country, and yet, your music is very minimalist. How has Nashville influenced your music?

I moved to Nashville at sixteen and was initially active in the country scene, which completely constructed my foundation of songwriting. My music is very minimalistic, because I wanted to showcase the songwriter I am because of this city. The stories and emotions people here convey in three to four minute songs are absolutely incredible and daily inspiring. I feel like I’m always pushed as a writer here, which I love. I truly could not be more grateful to be a part of the upcoming pop scene in Nashville, and the way Nashville has shaped me as an artist.

TF: You used to be in a duo and have recently made the decision to go solo. Are you having any regrets so far?

*insert meme of no ragrets tattoo guy*
My brother is still just as active in creating the music with me, it’s just more so the branding and the performing side of the artistry he isn’t involved in anymore. So it does feel different, but also doesn’t because the majority of the music I’m making is together and I still love/prefer working with him. So I’m very happy where everything is with music right now.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? Has there been a particular one that sticks in the memory?

Last year, back when I was in Truitt, we played a gig to showcase our EP at Ocean Way Studio, and it was incredible. The place felt so vibrant with everyone dancing and crammed into one room. It was amazing. I’m really looking forward to playing more shows like that soon.