Singer and songwriter Whitney McClain released the Cruise Remixes EP, featuring three alternative remix versions of her original single, Cruise, which was released late last year. Emerging in 2015, her debut single, Bombs Away, racked up over one million views on YouTube, and Whitney has been working on more tracks ever since.

She spoke with The Fountain about the EP and her plans which have involved a summer of hibernating in the studio.

TF: A new EP release, how exciting, what can we expect?

I think I would actually call it a “collection of songs “. I do hope it turns into an amazing EP in the future, but right now, I’m just trying to record the best music that I can. The type of stuff that I’ve been working on recently still has my classic feel to it, but I’ve tried to mix up the music a little bit with some new producers helping me out. I’d like to give a special thanks to Da BeatFreakz and Ralph Stacy for adding their flare to the new project.

TF: And how was it to work with Da BeatFreakz and PhantomBOSS for the remixes?

I didn’t really have much of a hand in the creation of the remixes. But I think they both sound awesome. I like the flare that each remix has!

TF: And are you touring soon, will we have the pleasure of seeing you in Scotland soon?

I’m not quite sure about touring yet. I’m working on putting together a stage show that I’m excited to perform around my local Los Angeles area. Hopefully, I will be able to expand my performing to Scotland one day! I love to travel, and I’ve always wanted to visit.

TF: And of course it is that time of year, are you performing at lots of festivals this summer?

No, I’ve been in the studio. Just really working on these new songs. I do want to perform the festival circuit soon though, once I get these songs all hashed out.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I remember the time when I got up open up for the Ohio players with my uncle, Marlon McClain, in Portland at the Soul’d Out Music Festival. That would have to be my favorite performance to date. I love funk music! And I got to watch a lot of great funk bands and perform alongside them.