Canadian indie-rock trio, Basement Revolver, are releasing new LP, Heavy Eyes, on 24th August via Fear of Missing Out records. The trio of Chrisy Hurn (vocals, guitar), Nimal Agalawatte (bass, synth) and Brandon Munro (drums) embarked on their first tour of the UK earlier this year, with a tremendous set at The Great Escape Festival and are looking forward to the album reception.

Chrisy spoke with The Fountain about their upcoming plans as well as what we can expect from the record.

TF: You have an LP out soon, are you going to be promoting that with a tour?

We are definitely planning to! We have a couple tours coming up but are hoping to keep that train going for sure.

TF: What can we look forward to with the LP?

I think you can look forward to a journey. I think the album has a bit of versatility to it, so hopefully you won’t get bored. Hopefully there will be lots of songs for you to cry sing to.

TF: And of course it is that time of year, are you performing at lots of festivals this summer?

Actually we have been taking a bit of a rest this summer, because we are planning to do lots through the rest of the year! We did have the chance to play at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton in the spring, and that was pretty great!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

That is a really tough one to answer. I think that supporting the Go! Team on their US tour probably tops the list. I feel like we learned a lot, and we got to meet some really special people. I will always look back on that very fondly.

Heavy Eyes is out on 24th August via Fear of Missing Out records.