The Stevenson Experience return after making their Edinburgh Fringe debut last year. It’s a whole new show of uproarious musical comedy from Australia’s favourite bickering identical twins.

Benjamin spoke to us about his fear of being on stage alone as well as their plans for the Fringe this year.

TF: You are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, what is the premise?

Our show this year is called Spot The Difference and it’s us exploring the differences between us as identical twins. For example: One of us plays the guitar, one of us plays the piano. One of us fills out Q&A’s, one of us doesn’t. One of us is better looking (conveniently it is the one filling out this Q&A). More closely, the show looks at us figuring out that as we get older our lives may be on different paths. What would we do if one us died!? That sounds dark, but the show is a high-energy musical comedy extravaganza.

TF: Have you always performed as twins, or have you both done solo projects?

My biggest fear is being on stage alone, so we’ve always worked together in performance. I can think of one exception: one night we were at an Open Mic night and James wrote a joke that I didn’t like and he insisted he’d try it himself, so he got up and did one minute of stand-up. He got some laughs. I heckled him though.

TF: And what do you personally want to see at the Fringe, it seems the rest of us will be seeing double?

You certainly will be! One year at a festival it took our usher a full week to figure out there were two of us, as she hadn’t seen the show, just saw us going in and out. It must have been a confusing week! As for shows, we both love any good musical comedy, anything that’s bringing something new to the table. Hannah Gadsby’s new show is sure to be a must see. Some of my favourite comedians from Australia are doing shows: Rhys Nicholson and Dilruk Jayasinha are great picks, as well as any late-night craziness at Spank! or Best of the Fest.

TF: What are your plans for the Fringe, have you been before?

We have been and had a fantastic time in 2017. In fact, we got a five-star review from a certain publication that I am definitely not sucking up to (hint: it was this one). We’re playing a bigger venue so we’re looking forward to packing it out. My general plan is to try and stay a bit fitter and drink a bit less. I think this is the plan of most comedians. All of us will fail.

TF: And what are your future plans beyond The Stevenson Experience?

We have felt so welcomed in Edinburgh so we’d like to keep coming back year on year. Benjamin has his debut novel coming out in September this year (called Greenlight), so we’ll be dipping into the literary world too, and going on our first ever book tour. A lot to look forward to!

The Stevenson Experience: Spot The Difference, Assembly George Square Studios, 22:30 (60 mins), 01 – 26 August