After some national airplay for single Won’t You Be Mine? Aboriginals have released their EP Infinite Cinema. Working with producer Chris Marshall (Baby Strange, Gerry Cinnamon, Lost In Stereo, The Dunts, Rascalton) they’ve combined influences from a range of artists to create riff-based rock tunes with a groove that you can dance to and an emphasis on melody.

The Aboriginals spoke with The Fountain about what inspired the name Infinite Cinema as well as what it has been like to work with Chris Marshall.

TF: An EP release, how exciting, what can we expect?

Most of our influences are rock bands and while it always seems slightly difficult for us to define our sound we’ve been told it’s sort of in between: Heavier than indie rock; not quite hard rock. So this EP consists of riff-based tunes that hopefully can still be danced to.

TF: And do you have anything more scheduled for the year, summer festivals, live gigs in Scotland, when can we look forward to that?

We have a few things lined up: Prestfest in Prestwick and a gig at the Record Factory, Glasgow in August. And in September we’re playing Live @ Troon festival and another Glasgow gig supporting False Heads at the Classic Grand. That’s what’s happening for certain in the near future but we should have plenty more coming up around Scotland. In the meantime we’re working a lot on writing new tunes too.

TF: What inspired the name, Infinite Cinema, are you cinephiles?

We’re all quite into films but the title is actually taken from the opening line of the EP and refers to dreams – an infinite cinema in our minds.

TF: And what has it been like to work with Chris Marshall?

Chris is sound, honest and can positively impact the tunes if there’s anything that needs tweaked during recording; while working for the good of the band by helping us translate the final product we’re envisaging in our heads into reality.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Supporting Big Country at the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock. Just a good day all round and we seem to feel more at home and put on a better show on a bigger stage and with a bigger crowd.