Carousel Kites, which was just released on Friday past, is the new kaleidoscopic pop masterpiece from English songwriter Paul Steel, via Raygun Records. The ambitious fifteen-track album has been divided up in to three, five-track EPs.

Paul spoke with The Fountain about we can expect from the album, his podcast, Idiot Check and his gig supporting Cornelius on tour.

TF: A new album release, you must be excited?

I’m very excited and curious to find out what people make of it. I pretty much turned my brain inside out trying my best to create a sprawling but accessible pop record that was a full cohesive experience more like a film or something which pretty much goes against how people generally consume music now but I think it’s important that the music be the star of the show rather than just be a soundtrack to doing the washing up. That said, there is a track called Duck Duck Goose which I can confirm will increase your efficiency while performing most domestic tasks which could free up more time for you to spend with your loved ones or listen to Carousel Kites all the way through..

TF: And aside from this record what else are you presently working on, are we likely to see you on the festival circuit this summer? And will you be promoting this with a full UK tour?

I’m currently producing score for an kids cartoon in the states and I’m co-host of a podcast called Idiot Check with fellow morons Luke Sital-Singh and Tom Heron (Xcerts) where we spout guff and write jingles about it. I don’t have a live show for this record at the moment. It’s a record that leans pretty heavily on the orchestral arrangements so wouldn’t necessarily translate to a four or five piece rock band set up. But I am working on new material with the intention of taking it on the road again so watch this space.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I supported Cornelius at Koko in London back on his Sensuous tour. I remember our set going smoothly and then getting blissed out watching his show with all these incredible visuals. I’m a mega fan so it was a thrill to support one of my heroes.